Project Overview
To design an online flower delivery shop that allows users to have an easy and quick method to order flowers while still providing great quality.
Bundle Flowers is a (made up) online flower delivery service. They are located in Northern California and are an online only service. They cater to customers of all backgrounds, mostly located in the Bay Area. Their goal is to make online flower delivery quick and convenient for everyone to use.
Aug - Sept 2021
Designing a website for Bundle Flowers
from conception to delivery.

Adobe XD
Adobe PS


     1. Overwhelming navigating all the different options to choose from.
     2. Difficult process to send flowers based on schedule.
     3. Lack of organization to keep track of all the orders.

who is the user?

The users of Bundle Flowers are mostly 20-40 year old working professionals who are located in or near the Bay Area. The two main types of user's are those who order flowers for personal/family reasons or those who order for workspace and office environments. These two different types of users have different emphasis on what they are looking for in a flower delivery service. I conducted user research to better understand the user's needs.

Based on my findings from the user research, I created a sitemap to outline and organize what key features the site should include. Next, I used this outline to start constructing paper wire-frames as a basic structure of the site overview. Once the paper wire-frames had a solid base, I used them to create digital wire-frames.


Once all the pages were created as digital wire-frames, I then started connecting the pages to create a lo-fidelity prototype of the basic user flow.


Clickable high-fidelity prototype of the desktop version of the site.

Once the high-fidelity prototype for the website was complete, I made sure to create a mobile version of the site making sure to follow the same design principals from the desktop version.

what i learned
Bundle Flowers is a company I made up to fit a prompt I was given for a project description. It was very interesting to design this project because I had to also design who my client was and what my client's needs would be. In some ways this was insightful because it gives me perspective from both sides of the project.
Something that I struggled with for this project was to set my own deadlines and checkpoints. Since there was no real client that I "answered to", this project forced me to be my own manager and hold myself accountable for the timeline I had created.
It was a great learning curve to experience because initially I was spending too much time hyper-fixating on details while I should have been focusing on the bigger picture. Once I understood what my mistakes were, I reexamined my methods of execution and adapted a better system to progress my project forward.

Next steps
There are a few aspects of this project's design that I believe need more work. In the future as I continue to develop this project, I hope to...
1. Further develop the customizable delivery option by adding a calendar feature where the user can choose exact dates for their deliveries.
2. In addition, I would also want to add a section on the site that focus on flowers that are safe for pets, children or someone with allergy concerns.

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