Project Overview
Preface: Initially for this project I worked as an assistant project manager. My responsibilities included co-managing the content + software teams, working directly with clients + stakeholders, and leading research + user-testing to ensure a successful app launch.
Having spent the past year learning UX design, I believe that the current Healthy Host app is poorly design.
This portfolio project is solely focused on my personal redesign of the application to create a better user experience.
The problem:
Although Federal and State laws require medical facilities to provide effective methods of communication between English speaking providers and patients with Limited English Proficiency, not all medical facilities (especially in smaller or rural areas) are able to provide their patients with translation options.
Therefore, there are many young people, accompany their non-English speaking relatives to medical appointments as translators between English and their native language. Often, medical terminology is difficult to translate because it is not part of the general vocabulary. This can lead to many errors in translation that can have dire consequences for the patient receiving medical treatment.
To redesign the Healthy Host application in way that prioritizes the user needs and eliminates the current user pain points.
A medical terminology app that translates difficult medical terms in Spanish and Hmong designed for those who accompany their non‑English speaking relatives to doctor appointments.
UX Designer
Sept - Oct 2021
Adobe XD + Adobe PS

     1. Only one method to change translations.
     2. No search option to look up specific terminology.
     3. Unnecessary features that slow the user flow.

who is the user?

Healthy Host's main users are immigrants or children of immigrants, aged 14-32, that accompany their non-English speaking relatives (ie. parents, grandparents) to doctor's appointments as translators.
Upon the request of our client (Healthy House), the app offers translations in Spanish and Hmong, since they service Spanish and Hmong clients in the Merced county area.
– The notification system serves no true function for the app's target audience.
– The target audience does not need to be reminded to "Brush Your Teeth".
– Takes away from the true purpose of the app which is: translating medical terms.

what to add: SEARCH BAR
– Current version of the app requires the user to navigate:
   General Health > Illnesses > Lyme Disease to reach the page about Lyme Disease.
– A search bar would make it much faster and easier for the user reach the desired content.
– Speed is a key factor because the target user is translating the terms between the doctor and
   patient in real time.
– In addition, if a certain term is not available on the app, it would save the user from having to scroll
   through each page of content in hopes of finding it.

Paper Wireframes

Digital Wireframes


Clickable High Fidelity Prototype

what i learned
This project was a great example for me to apply the most basic principal of UX design (which is to put the user at the center). By doing so, I constantly questioned myself throughout the design process to make sure that the design decisions I am making best serve the user. This helped me eliminate the parts of the design that were unnecessary to the user experience.

Next Steps
1. Conduct user testing with the new designs to get specific feedback on what features might need further development.
2. Some aspects of the design can be further developed to have a more aesthetically pleasing look, such as the typography and color choice.
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