Queerly Complex | merch designer | 2022
Alif theory | designer | 2021
pixel art gifs | Design Practice | 2021
SPRAY-PAINTING | Local art show | 2018
How learning new forms of art taught me to rewire my thinking

Growing up I have always loved art, but many times lacked the physical and financial resources to dive headfirst. This forced me to get create and use online resources to self-teach new forms of art that caught my eye. I enjoy this process so much because when I dive headfirst into a new art style, I am excited to learn new techniques that challenge my current perspective.
For example, pixel art required me to work in a 64-bit pixel format, which is vastly different from the digital art I was working on previously (2080 pixels or higher). Drawing an apple with 2080 pixels vs 64 pixels are two vastly different things. Creating pixel art taught me how to do a lot more with much less.
On the other hand, doing stenciling and spray-painting has taught me to work backwards and to think in negative space. Spray-painting with stencils requires to create an independent stencil for each color and to work backwards at constructing the art. It's similar to constructing the pieces of a puzzle and then connecting them together.
By all means, even a quick glance at some of my work is enough to show that it is riddled with rookie mistakes and bad design decisions. And that is totally okay. Because to me the end goal was to challenge myself in the process of creating these pieces so that the mistakes become opportunities to learn.
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